Company Bankruptcy Restructuring

Devoted Enterprises and its DBA companies are often retained to assist in restructuring the corporate and financial make-up and balance sheet of a company due to impending Chapter 11 Bankruptcy or other financial hardships.   This process may include raising additional capital through third parties or securing workouts with lenders and creditors. The goal of restructuring [...]

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Does Your Business Have Underlying Issues?

Have you ever wondered why auto repair shops do a free 32-point vehicle inspection?  We have worked with several of these shops over the years and there are several reasons that they do this.   I want to share with you my favorite stories from one of them, and how that shaped how we do business [...]

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Going Out Of Business

  Once again there are more store closings being reported in the national media as well as regular reports of mega companies like Toy r Us going bankrupt and closing their doors.    Sadly, as business consultants, we see this far more frequently than most people do.  We have also discovered what is the most [...]

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What Our Clients Love About Us

They Love Their Return On Investment We are a global consulting firm that works locally and all over the world and we have found that every Client is different but yet share so many similarities regardless of the industry they are in and whether they are single unit or large chains etc.  And still our Consulting [...]

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