They Love Their Return On Investment

We are a global consulting firm that works locally and all over the world and we have found that every Client is different but yet share so many similarities regardless of the industry they are in and whether they are single unit or large chains etc.  And still our Consulting works for everyone is so many different ways!  It made us think what do our clients see as the most important or best part of our consulting.   We surveyed our clients and of the responses we got back, here are the replies :

We had nearly many responses to our survey on what they loved the most about our consulting and the number one thing didn’t shock us!

Cash Flow Increases/Better profits is the number one thing that our clients said.   This doesn’t surprise us because our consulting was designed and originated from the fact that we were retained and used to take under-performing businesses, buy them, get them healthy and profitable and the either keep them or flip them for  profit.  Since those days, we also learned to ensure that this profit isn’t just short lived but can stand the test of time.  Our clients see a tremendous amount of profit and cash flow increase in the first 90 days as verified here in our testimonials.  If you need help making more money of improving then cash flow, we are the people to call

Revenue Growth- New Revenue Generators- is the second most loved thing that our clients appreciate about us!  Our Process training is geared in part to help you the owner close more deals where the customers are already in the pipeline.  Too often, people think they need to spend more money for leads, but in reality they are not closing the deals they have.  This in our opinion is the best part of the training that we do and is sure to help ANY business ANYWHERE grow their revenue.  This is a big statement, but we guarantee that it will not only grow your sales but that more often than not, once we do a Business Health Check™ Assessment on your business, we are able to find more ways to generate revenue than you are currently using.  This often times happens with new lines of services, add on services, or new product offerings.  Either way, you will love it because for no extra money, we often give you entirely new ways to make more revenue and profit!  It is very normal for our average client to grow revenue by 30% or more after our consulting!

Increased Sales is the 3rd most popular response in this survey and we are not surprised.  We hear all the time that “I have never seen or heard anything like this sales training”.  As stated above, most businesses have a sales process issue, customer service problems, or other issues that are preventing them from closing more deals with the leads they have.  Without knowing this, most companies spend even more money to “market better” or to “generate more leads” and they throw good money after bad because their main issue is that they need to close more leads, not get more leads.  We will help fix this break in your business.

Marketing Plan Included with Every Consulting Package is also another huge like by our clients.  Part of every single service package that we offer is to help you create a custom marketing plan sure to grow your business.  We will connect you with folks that can fill that gaps in your current marketing or teach you how to do it yourself.  We are able to do this because we spend a large amount of time getting to know your business model, who your target audience is,  your business value proposition, and more.  From there, the marketing plan is simple to create and customize for your business success!  You will be sure to love it too!

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There are many other areas that customers commented as you can see in the pie chart on but the important that we want the stress with you is that regardless of whatever your issues ore challenges are, we can help you. It does not matter where you are,  how many stores you have or the problems that you face, we have seen It before and helped create a solution or an increase in that area in the past. In addition, we care more about the success of your pawn shop then we do about our own profitability period for a limited time only we are offering a promotion that allows you to pay it deposit now and name your price for our services.   This promotion will not last so please take advantage of it today. Contact us today at 952-582-4669 to take advantage of this offer!